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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Fredericton City Police Officer Darryl Brewer trial was never covered by the Irving Media!!!

 WOW!!!! Something is VERY wrong here? A cop on trial and nothing in the media???? What's the story here??? I might add he was found GUILTY and he's still on the Payroll?????

What's the story about this guy anyway????
Hi Charles,
Fredericton City cop Darryl Brewer has been convicted of assault and mischief. While I am delighted the cops are finally getting what they deserve, this raises more questions for Fredericton tax payers, particularly in light of the mayor dipping into taxpayers money to pay off the Occupy members claim, when he admitted that he, Brad Woodside, was in the wrong and behaved inappropriately.
Cst. Brewer was represented by ex-NB Attorney General and Minister of Justice T.J. Burke but... who paid his defence bill? I can only assume it was the City of Fredericton, again, who also paid Mr. Burke almost $250,000 to get Cst. Stephen Stafford off the hook in 2011, which the City then had reimbursed by the Government of New Brunswick
Out of which slush fund did the GNB pay for Mr.Burke’s fees, I wonder? Why are tax payers forking out a lot of money for these legal issues that are the result of wrongdoing by public officials and employees? Why do members of the public, charged with crimes, have to use the more-than-useless and defective services of Legal Aid New Brunswick, when rogue cops are provided the most expensive defence counsel?
Furthermore, it appears, following the guilty verdict, Brewer has been suspended with pay – yet another bill the tax payer should not be footing. They are waiting to see if he appeals and are now conducting investigations into his conduct to see if it merits sanctions... Well, the RCMP already investigated him and found charges were merited, so why not just use the RCMP materials? I guess there will be wheeling and dealing to try and get an appeal upheld and then all will be well and another dirty cop will be exonerated.
Why is the tax payer covering this?
Can you try and get answers for us Charles???
Tax payer, Fredericton


Anonymous said...

Excellent questions and explanation of what is happening with the F.P.F. and the City. Time for an inquiry?

Anonymous said...

Except it was in the Gleaner.

Old news.

Anonymous said...

I agree: it is time for an inquiry and a proper one. Not the whitewash Bernard Richard was paid 40 grand to produce. And it is time the Irving press and CBC explain to us why this was never covered in their papers and broadcasts. As Charles always tells us, there is something very wrong here and time for a public inquiry...

Anonymous said...

Who did he assault? What were the circumstances? Was he on duty or was it a private matter? We need more information since we don't get it from the newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Apparently it was a "domestic assault" against his now ex-girlfriend and he trashed her cell phone. 12:41 - you are an idiot. It is not "old" news. It came out on Friday and his conviction was the first anyone heard of it - which means the Gleaner and CBC have chosen to hide it obviously on the instructions of local government. Both the cop and the local "media" are a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

2:22 - he was off duty in Durham Bridge and assaulted his girlfriend and destroyed her cell -phone. Charged and convicted of assault and mischief, still getting paid by tax payers while on holiday from work.
Stephen Stafford next... can't wait to see what happens with that one.

Anonymous said...

Big difference.Stafford was on duty and planned an assault. This one was private and impulsive probably. Both should be fired but Stafford should do time. I would love to see him in seg because he a cop.

Anonymous said...

9:15... love your reference to someone else being an idiot. Ironic that you fit that category too. If you knew anything about how the court system works, you'd know that names and charges appear on court documents. They say NOTHING of anyone's occupation. It's irrelavent. Even in this case, it's irrelavent. It happened off duty. What is relavent is... what happens now. Can a police officer, convicted of a criminal offence, continue to be a police officer. And, it's unlikely the Gleaner and CBC "chose" to hide anything. The CBC, for sure, and even the Gleaner take pride in putting any and all information they have out for public consumption, especially CBC. And, for sure, they don't take instruction from any level government. That statement is laughable and shows the absolute ignorance of some of the people who frequent this internet attraction.

Anonymous said...

9:36 must work for Irving press! That the Gleaner court reporters failed to cover any of Brewer's proceedings shows they were hiding it as a favour. They did not report his first appearance and plea, nor any subsequent hearings or the trial, at which any reporter worth employing should have covered - likewise the CBC and it is shameful this was not publicised in light of the complaints and issues we have with the local police.
Furthermore, his occupation is very much a matter of public interest and it does not matter if he was on or off duty - this behaviour is unacceptable from a police officer. If he cannot control himself from assaulting his girlfriend and destroying her property then how can he control himself at work? He should also do time.

The Anti Terrorist said...

You idiots need to wake up. The media does not exist to inform you. It exists to control you. To program your mind.

It is an info war.

Wake up.

Wake up!



Anonymous said...

And just reported he will have no record ....

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. I read the article in the Gleaner on this matter and the Gleaner is Irving owned so it was covered by mainstream media. As for the results, that is due process, the courts hear the evidence and make a decision, none of this is in the control of the Fredericton police force, the incident was handled by the RCMP. So, none of this is itself at the hands of the local police force. As for the guy still working, seems to me he, unlike most of the people who have the time to express themselves here, has been a valuable contributing member to society and he has employable skills. There's not room for everyone on welfare, if people like him didn't work, their would be no welfare or free money from Social Development, but that might be too deep for many of you to understand.