Hello Charlie, we met on the steps of the legislature in the spring, the day Brian Gallant was sworn in.

Fracking is something I'm interested in, I've done some research on it and it isn't what it is being sold as, many people know there is something wrong, their instincts tell them, yet they have so few facts to counter the well paid, high profile promoters, with their Pie in the Sky tales, they are reduced to a sullen silence.

What the people need are a few facts;

Fact 1: The amount of "Fracking Fluid" injected into the typical well,,,, to Fracture the rock, is three million gallons, people don't know how much water and poisonous Chemicals three million gallons is,,, if you had a square building 80 feet on a side it would have to be 62.5 feet high to contain 3 million gallons.

This toxic mixture is pumped into the Earth, under the water table, with sufficient pressure to move the rock enough to allow 400 thousand cubic feet of non compressible liquid a space within the rocks, this is an incredible amount of movement, enough to admit the liquid in the imaginary building mentioned before, the people are being told, it will stay down there, I think it won't, and there is lots of literature to tell us about the horror stories in other places, The Chemicals are pumped down with enough pressure to crack and move the rock, the weight off the Earth is above squeezing down, the pressure is incredible, naturally the water is going to move back towards the surface, moving through every crack and opening, until the weight of the Earth has finally closed the gap again, when it moves towards the surface, first it reaches the drinking water. 

What is the true purpose of all this? I don't know Charles, the high paid, high profile spokesmen spin a tale of riches and high paying jobs yet, the reality seems to be far different.

F. W. Engdhal, a World renown commentator on energy matters says, in this quote from  the article I have linked below;

" The extremely rapid overall gas field declines require from 30 to 50 percent of production to be replaced annually with more drilling, a classic “tiger chasing its tail around the tree” syndrome. This translates to $42 billion of annual capital investment just to maintain current production. By comparison, all USA shale gas produced in 2012 was worth about $32.5 billion at a gas price of $3.40/mcf (which is higher than actual well head prices for most of 2012). That means about a net $10 billion loss on their shale gambles last year for all US shale gas producers"

 Ten Billion Dollar Losses last year! Does that sound like a winner for New Brunswick, or will we be left with ruined water and, "Well it wasn't supposed to be like that! OR well HE said!. as an explanation for why things have gone so far wrong!!

Sad times Charles, Modern life has severed Man's roots to the Earth, our ancestors knew the value of clean water and nourishing food to eat, now people follow the Pied Piper on the quest for Gold, in the end they will have neither Gold nor Water or food.

Hey! Perhaps the Frackers will sell us some water, if things don't turn out as planned of course! Could that be the plan?

President Hollande of France, stated yesterday that there would be no fracking in France as long as he is President. He said "France's water is too essential to jepoardise on Get Rich Quick Schemes"

There is no Fracking allowed in New York State, too dangerous for New York City's water supply Al right for us though, things are `different` up here, we don't matter as much as those folks in NY, or in France.

This is the link;

Open the first link at the top of the page, good luck in your struggle, you are doing God's work, if this can be delayed for another three years it will be seen for the hysteria it is and blow over!
Best regards,