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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blogger Charles LeBlanc Apartment Raided, Computer Confiscated, Charged with Libel, Not Allowed to Talk about Case under Threat of Arrest and Jail!!!!!

I no longer have a computer...the cops took everything!!! Even my rotor....

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Here's the youtube of myself after I left the Fredericton Jail after close to 6 hours being detained!

Click below -

(Fredericton, NB - January 19, 2012) - In a startling new development today in the case of well known blogger Charles LeBlanc, Fredericton City Police raided LeBlanc's downtown apartment and confiscated all his computer equipment including his monitor, external hard drive and Rogers modem, effectively shutting down his ability to update his website, charlesotherpersonality.blogspot.com, from his home.

In today's incident, Fredericton Police also laid charges of libel under Section 301 of the Criminal Code of Canada, claiming that LeBlanc libelled a Fredericton City Police officer in a blog posting last summer.

"I can't say anything more about it. The police told me I'd spend the next four months in jail if I mention the officer's name. I'll lose my apartment and end up homeless if I go to jail for four months."

Mr. LeBlanc says he caught completely off guard this morning when eight police showed up at his doorstep around 10 am. He was handcuffed, arrested, fingerprinted, photographed and jailed for close to six hours while the police went through his apartment looking for evidence of libel.

During his arrest, LeBlanc says the police asked him for the names of people who helped him with his blog.

"It's very scary stuff," says LeBlanc. "They asked me if anyone helps me with my blog, and if anyone has my username and passwords. They even wanted to know who approached me to be a blogger. Does that mean anybody who associates with me will be arrested too?"

The arrest comes on the heels of Mr. LeBlanc pleading guilty Monday to causing a disturbance last summer in front of the Fredericton City Police station. LeBlanc used a blowhorn to publicize his concerns about the unequal treatment of the poor by the City Police.

Mr. LeBlanc pleaded guilty to the Criminal Code offence Monday after consulting with friends in the social justice community who convinced him that it would be the best thing to do. He received no legal advice and there was no duty counsel available to speak to him on Monday.

"I was in a tough spot so I listened to my friends and pleaded guilty just to get it over with," says LeBlanc, "But right away I knew something was wrong and I decided to appeal. I even blogged that I was going to appeal it."

LeBlanc says someone told him that the police were going to grab him on the street as soon as he pleaded guilty on Monday, "But I didn't expect it to happen so soon and I certainly didn't expect them to raid my apartment, take all my computer equipment and threaten me with arrest and jail if I dare to mention the officer's name. It's like Soviet Russia."

A Fredericton activist, who asked to withhold his name for fear of retribution, criticized the Police move.

"All this is being done to prevent Charles from going to trial on the bicycle issue (riding his bicycle on the sidewalk) and the reason for that is because they want third party vigalante reporting so they can arrest other people on trumped up charges. Poor people have had this for a long time, single parent women who have been anonymously reported by neighbours because their kids are dirty or under-dressed, the kids are taken away from them and they have to prove they are fit. The only difference is that in Charles' case, they have this high profile guy, Dan Bussieres, the head of security at the legislature, who allegedly made the anonymous complaint against Charles. The police don't want that to come out. We can't have vigalantism in a democratic system, everybody reporting on everybody. It's extremely dictatorial and besides, who are the police to decide what journalists and bloggers say.it's a matter of freedom of speech and boils down to this: do the police have the right to eliminate opinion they don't like? What is this China?"

- 30 -

For further information, contact:

Charles LeBlanc
Email: oldmaison@yahoo.com
Web: charlesotherpersonality.blogspot.com


Eric said...

Holy crap. I really don't know what else to say on this. Totally a dick move and it seems to be more about them trying to silence you altogether rather than an actual police procedure. Hell, if what you said was considered libel, then shouldn't something have been done about it a long time ago, or by someone else.

Maybe you could counter charge them with slander against you (yeah, like the courts would allow THAT). Charging you would be one thing, confiscating all your stuff is another altogether.

Can't talk about the issue or else off ya go to jail? Sounds pretty fascist to me to be honest.

Cannon said...

This was in no way a startling development to anyone who has read Charles' blog... I have, along with other commenters warned Charles about his comments against certain people whether they be members of the Fredericton City Police or otherwise. He has taken his vendetta WAY too far with his images and statements and has finally been made accountable for them. I am neither affiliated with the police nor the legislature, I am just a normal citizen saying that I believe that Charles has crossed the line. I have said before that I commended Charles for his blogs regarding social problems in the city. That being said, he has as of recently tried to blur the lines and say that the problems he is now suffering due to the fact that he has broken the law on multiple occasions is the fault of anyone but himself. He is being brought to account for his actions. This is not the actions of a police state but rather of a democratic state where the local police are hired to enforce the laws created by a democratically chosen legislature. If he doesn't like the laws there is a tried tested and true method of changing them, it doesn't give him the right to pick and choose which laws he wants to obey and then complain about being brought to task.
I have a very hard time drawing a comparison between Charles and the parent(s) of an under dressed child wandering around in sub zero temperatures. One is and has been all too often a life or death situation as you can far too readily find online especially with our Canadian winters. It is because of the fact that all too often a child IS found wandering and possibly suffering from hypothermia that neighbours do inform their local police and often bring the child into their own homes to warm up. You may call this vigilante justice, I know most others would call it the Christian thing to do. A young child is unable to care for itself. The difference is Charles is very able to take care of himself he just doesn't want to take responsibility for his actions.

Anonymous said...

hell Charles i was expecting this >>> it happens to everyone that bucks the system it called bullying by the authorities ...
they want to shut you up because you are saying the truth about many things and they are afraid of you ..since you have a big follow

Anonymous said...

Privilege and malice

Privilege provides a complete bar and answer to a defamation suit, though conditions may have to be met before this protection is granted.

There are two types of privilege in the common law tradition:

"Absolute privilege" has the effect that a statement cannot be sued on as defamatory, even if it were made maliciously; a typical example is evidence given in court (although this may give rise to different claims, such as an action for malicious prosecution or perjury) or statements made in a session of the legislature (known as 'Parliamentary privilege' in Commonwealth countries).
"Qualified privilege" may be available to the journalist as a defense in circumstances where it is considered important that the facts be known in the public interest; an example would be public meetings, local government documents, and information relating to public bodies such as the police and fire departments. Qualified privilege has the same effect as absolute privilege, but does not protect statements that can be proven to have been made with malicious intent.

Anonymous said...

According to a OSCE official report on defamation laws[when?], 57 persons in Canada were accused of defamation, libel and insult, among which 23 were convicted – 9 to prison sentences, 19 to probation and one to a fine. The average period in prison was 270 days, and the maximum sentence was 1460 days of imprisonment.[88]

Anonymous said...

wait a minute ..search a house and confiscate a comp for slander does not sound right to me

Anonymous said...

I tried to tell you to listen to the U.S. Army guy this summer but you had an agenda and would not listen. You now have one option ! Hire Gary Miller to defend you.Gary is from Dalhousie and he has enough money he will take this on with no pay if you call him and ask him nicely to represent you I think he will do it. It would really help if you are from the North Shore

Anonymous said...

Its to bad charles but i told ya many times to stop the bullshit and move on,now you have pushed the police and others to take legal action to shut u up.Good luck with this case

Anonymous said...

Looks like freddy town dont like havig ther dirty shorts aired to toeh public. suck up boys what you did eas illegal at best.
wTF happened to freedom of speech? Leblanc has the right to that as well as anyone else in the country that is surpose to be free.;You ownt fid a jay walking polatition being arrested. Pretty flimsey charge if you ask me. That wont live,its jsut a ploy to shot down his site.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

charles you have done some good in trying to maintain justice for the poor and the helpless but just like everyone else that tried in Canada the population is not backing you up and the reason why is bbecause they are afraid that what just happened to you will happen to them and really it would because in this world (not only Canad) only the riches and the power people are allowed to control and have real luxuries everyone else have to work just to pay taxes and high housing and food cost .... the money spent is too get the richer richers and the powers more powerfull

Anonymous said...

Nobody to blame but yourself, Charles.

Anonymous said...

yea..he is completely guilty of that.

just read this blog.

Anonymous said...

yea..he is completely guilty of that.

just read this blog.

Anonymous said...

This is very unsettling. Is this in fact a legal action?

Anonymous said...

Pray Charles is not beaten up while in police custody.

The Dude said...

They have watched
They have gathered much evidence
You were warned
You did not listen
Time to pay the man for your actions

I feel sorry for you Charles

We all tried to warn you, and warn you, and warn you....

Bob Sacamano said...

What the police did WAS legal although, of course, it comes across as bullying. At the same time...Charles, it was only a matter of time before this happened. For years you have made it your own personal mission to attack those who rubbed you the wrong way. I feel really bad that you have lost your computer and your means to blog, but at the same time this was a long time coming.
You're a good man, with good intentions. But sometimes when you try to make a point it comes out the wrong way and thus you have finally gone too far.
While I don't think the police were fair in your treatment, they also were acting within their legal confines no matter how wrong it may seem to you and I.
I'm sure you'll get back up on your feet and back to blogging in the near future. You have a huge support group and viewership.
But when you do come back, I hope you'll mature and come to your senses that terms like "racist", "fascist" and "faggot Quebec french" can't just be thrown willy nilly without some sort of consequence.
You deem yourself a journalist, but until you can report objectively you remain nothing but one man on a soap box.
Good luck with your future endeavors.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Only a child would spend months using a pblic forum to call people perverts and fascists and nazis and racists, and expect no consequences.
Your right to free speech doesn't extend to libel and slander, Charles.
Your hens have come home to roost.

Paxo said...

I didn't know this had happened until this morning Charles. I think it is absolutely terrible.
Keep blogging if you can!

Good luck, keep cool, stay safe.

awareness said...

Charles, don't know what to say. I think I have something of yours that you need again. I'll drop it off.

Anonymous said...

I hope they had a search warrant or you can charge them with trespassing.........they are just a little to "gung ho" lately..they also can not threaten you or they can go to jail !!! Sounds like intimidation....I do not understand a judge in this country taking a plea from anyone with out the benefit of council, it is not allowed under the Canadian Criminal Justice System, so that case on Monday should be thrown out

Anonymous said...

Hope they had a search warrant as what they did is illegal to seize some ones property to make their case if they had no information to make one....Sounds like you better advertise for a lawyer and file a writ to get your personal and private property back, as they could wipe it clean and you have no evidence to help your case..You do not have to answer their questions, all you have to say is "I need a lawyer", tell them nothing !!!

L. Mao said...

A "satire" defense would be your best, if not only defense.

Anonymous said...

this is nothing more than a vexatious action.

Anonymous said...

Charles has been warned and warned... you can't continually call people racist and fascist. It's 100% libellous.

In fact, he was warned right up to the night before his arrest/raid, yet he still continued to throw out his "RACIST MEMBERS OF THE FREDERICTON POLICE FORCE!!!" dribble.

Those of you who defend him in this should be ashamed of yourself for encouraging a child-man in self-destructive behaviour.

Some of you people take the whole "free speech" thing very childishly, including some of the "activist" commenters here.

Anonymous said...

Or this case where police chief ruined this guy.

Carruthers was at his Crabbe Mountain cottage Sept. 29 and was taken into custody after officers RCMP and city police officers spoke with him from outside the cottage for 45 minutes. He then was taken by ambulance to the Dr. Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital.

"During the drive, several times Dale stated he was very upset about the state of his marriage," Clark said.

He also vented about his anger toward police Chief Barry MacKnight, as he'd done during the telephone calls Sept. 27.

During one of those calls, Carruthers told a friend to promise to pass along a message to the chief: "You tell that bastard to (expletive deleted) off for me."

Testimony at Tuesday's hearing indicated Carruthers blames MacKnight for the abrupt halt of his policing career.

The local police union filed complaints against the chief and deputy chief Leanne Fitch in 2010. The union also conducted a survey of its membership that indicated only 10 per cent had confidence in the chief. The union said morale is low due to MacKnight's actions as chief.

Clark testified he doesn't believe Carruthers is a danger to himself when he isn't drinking.

"I believe him to be a good man," he said.

Anonymous said...

It's not bullying, it's just what happens when you piss too many people. Yes I know we have the freedom of speech but the constitution also says you can't say anything bad against somebody else. Its just damn if you do and damn if you don't.

Anonymous said...

What did you expect? Anyone who thinks these charges are false need only read this mans blog and you'll see he is guilty. Been a thorn in the side of this city for too long. Good enough for you

Cannon said...

I can't believe this has to be said...
Anon @7:25 "Hope they had a search warrant as what they did is illegal to seize some ones property to make their case if they had no information to make one...." Charles was charged with libel. Libel by definition is "matter published, without lawful justification or excuse, that is likely to injure the reputation of any person by exposing them to hatred, contempt or ridicule, or that is designed to insult the person of or concerning whom it is published." By the fact that Charles made his comments on a public forum, ie, his blog, that is the criminal action. I can't say why his computer was seized, but I would imagine it was to prove that the posts were made from that computer, proving that he and not someone else was guilty of the crime. I am sure there was a warrant for the search and seizure...and yes it is completely legal.
Anonymous @ 7:21
"I do not understand a judge in this country taking a plea from anyone with out the benefit of council, it is not allowed under the Canadian Criminal Justice System, so that case on Monday should be thrown out"
It should be noted that Charles, as with anyone charged with a crime in Canada is at their moment of arrest and any time afterwards given the right to speak to duty counsel, which is a lawyer who will represent them free of charge. It was completely up to Charles and within his rights to represent himself without council albeit not recommended.

Emily Dee said...

I don't know what was said that they deemed to be libel. Was it because you directed it at an individual? Would it have hindered their work or hurt their reputation in the community?

Terms like "fascists" and "racists" are used so often by the Tea Party and Fox News that no one really gives them credence.

But a personal assault might be something else altogether.

All the best.

Anonymous said...

Watch the Fredericton police get world wide coverage. Alward cuts low income seniors drug plan and arrests senior citizens blogger who reports such pathetic occurrences.

Your Cuz said...

It's all so scary and disturbing! I just watched you on the news and the fact that the Fredericton Police force laid a charge on you that is unconstitutional in 3 other provinces says that they are after you bad. Your getting a record when one should not be! Shame on the people who thinks its ok!

Anonymous said...

This is happening world wide and is called Agenda 21 study this behavior along with COMMON PURPOSE.

The internet provides plenty of information about this.

You think it is a joke !? said...

You think it is a joke well it is not because United Nations wants complete control of our lives.
Keep Doing Your Research!
UN’s “Agenda 21″ for “Sustainable Development”
The Green Cult or Soviet Experiment

Anyone who has parents or grandparents who fought in the two World Wars should be very concerned about the presence of this new “Soviet Experiment” (a predetermined outcome). Our leaders of the day have signed and made verbal agreements with UN leaders to implement the principles of Agenda 21 and in most cases they don’t even realize or understand that Agenda 21 is tearing away at the very fabric of our country, it is destroying the foundation and principals this country was built on.

Thank you Charles for raising the issues. God Bless and protect you Charles Leblanc

Anonymous said...

WOW..... Yeah Saying things about others is not good and not a very nice thing todo no matter what. But I really dont think all this is the real issue I think the real issue is Charles post alot of stuff on his blogs that are true and well maybe some dont want that stuff out. I sure hope all works out for you Charles and you can keep blogging I enjoy reading your blogs. But PLEASE becareful in what you say Cause we dont want to lose our Blogger because he is in Jail or forbidding to use a computer. Take care and God Bless

Anonymous said...

It's sad state of affairs when 8-10 police officers have nothing better to do than raid a poor blogger's home and take his equipment - I'd rather they focused on drug community than the blogger community.

This raid does nothing to build creditability for the police dept and only reaffirms Charles's claims. DO SOME REAL POLICE WORK!

third year law student said...

Honestly Charles I am disgusted by the fact that the members of FREDERICTON POLICE FORCE are harassing you by every imaginable means at their disposal.

You have plenty of evidence especially since they are now using the parking lot beside your house to sit for hours as they appear to be rotating and parking immediately beside your residence.

They Police are not above the Law sue the criminals in uniform for harassment the entire inhabitants of the city are your witness.

The evidence of their actions against you is also sufficient to sue successfully for damages.

Anonymous said...

Just more evidence of the police state in which we live, although they deny it! Remember though, do anything you want to a regular person on the street but try it with a cop and it's a "special" situation all of a sudden that required harsher measures. I agree with "third year law student.". Fight this. It's total harassment.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Maybe the "conformists" should stay off this blog post and go back to watering their lawns and painting their picket fences. This is a place for free thinkers, not those bound by the chains of the system. The word sheep comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Sue the son of a bitches. If you can't voice your personal opinion on the Internet without a bunch of crybaby cops raiding your place in a quasi-legal fashion they they deserve to be sued.

Friggin' cops these days are all a bunch of pussies and can't fight fair at all.


Anonymous said...

Charles- reading some of this stuff really disturbs me. Firstly that you were basically coerced into a guilty plea at the summary trial and not given legal representation. They violated your right to a fair trial guaranteed in the Charter.

Second that you are being accused of libel and people commenting think that you dont have the right to say any of your own opinions. What you do not have the right to do is say stuff that is purposely untrue and designed to harm someone's reputation. But you are allowed to voice your opinion- free speech again in the Charter. And its not Libel if its true. If you are stating what happened, your side of what happened, that is not libel, that's you giving your side of the story which you believe to be true.

You really really need legal representation. You arent getting a fair trial here and I think the police and the system are taking advantage of you not knowing more and the general 'its ok to bully' culture in NB.

Totally ironic that Irvings defend your right to free speech since they are the worse violators of that part of the Charter. Its ok to have free speech as long as its approved by the Irvings is not FREE speech.