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Monday, October 03, 2011

Protest at in New York is going to hit Fredericton!!!!


I would suggest the Fredericton Police Station!!!!

They put me in Jail for speaking out in a Blowhorn!!!

Sounds like the prefect spot for moi!!!


The Mad Ape said...

A George Soros funded psyop to get Obama re-elected.

The MSM media is slowly starting to pick this up because it took them this long to get their little Obamatons embedded into the movement.

These are the ones you will see on TV. This WILL start a class war or race war or both.

Ignore the MSM take on this. The protestors are protesting at a crime scene (Wall St) while the criminals sit in their fortress at the FED.

This is going North American wide and I predicted this during the Arab spring. What I did not factor in was the hijacking by Soroesque Pinkos to divert attention onto the upper middle class.

This 'We are the 99%' Bullshit is not going to work. The 1% of the Oligarchs who are uber wealthy have already moved their wealth off shore and do not pay income tax. They can fund shit like this because the taxes that will fall out from it will not apply to them.

They will be able to swoop in and take more at pennies on the dollar as the honest businessmen and women are unable to compete.

That Commie Micheal Moore is calling for an end to Capitalism not and end to the FED. Corporatism is what controls the USA. It has replaced Capitalism.

Corporatism is social welfare for the Global Banking Cartel. They make bad bets and commit fraud and we, the taxpayer, bail them out and are forced to pay higher taxes and suffer austerity.

The Arab Spring has failed as the people are in worse shape then ever.

When a real grass roots uprising began in Libya, NATO got out in front of it and financed Al Qaeda to fight Qaddafi.

Greece is on the verge of civil war and total financial collapse. Itally, Ireland, Spain, and Portugal are barely hanging on.

The Eurozone is bickering while Timothy Geithner is threatening the European Union to bail out the banks or else.

I do not know if you people have watched the famous 'Trader' on BBC who shocked the global media by telling people that they had at best 12 months to get out of their retirement savings plans and bonds because there was going to be catastrophic losses and millions of people will lose everything and people like him were going to get very rich playing the game.

This whole thing is a great social engineering plan that is nearing fruition.

If civil war does not break out in the USA, the only thing stopping it will be another 9/11 False Flag.

People need to wake up because the curtain is coming down on the greatest reality show of them all.

agents provocateurs assemble ! said...

Agents provocateur police are attempting to establish who is who in Fredericton and across Canada.

Do not attend these protests and or demonstrations.

They are collection locations where the police will be amongst us as Agents provocateur, recording who we are and looking to arrest the weak minded fools and record your weak minded Identification.

Remain invisible on the streets except outstanding within society.

Network! network! network! from behind closed doors.

Sure posters are excellent, but do not show up for the collection of your IDENTIFICATION at these silly ineffective protests.


Complete civil disobedience is the only way to establish your sovereignty. Protesting has never been anything but a loader than usual complaint which is always forgotten.

Give me the facts said...

Almost 3,000,000 visits to the following link.

Wonder why?


4th year law student said...

Yes we can all be above and beyond the law, only if we declare that we are sovereign.

As a 4th year student of "law and order" as I become more cynical each year... it becomes clear that LAW brings the ORDERS which oppress us!

Also LAW establishes certain ORDERS such as the ORDER of HAVE and HAVE NOT

and further LAWS which are Legislated to keep us in our respective ORDER(s).

Only when we establish sovereignty can we be free.

You silly nillys may never have tried to imagine or remember that and you are born into a body, as a sovereign soul and then you were happy...until you are convinced to become a citizen.

As a citizen you are not free.

Laws and the rights you have been brain washed to believe in.

These rights are given to you and can be taken from you at the slightest whim.

First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Herbalist,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Herbalist.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Charles LeBlanc is a perfect example of how to get the righteous word out.

Pro-active 24/7 or else we are hypocrites.

Charles LeBlanc thank from my heart you French Scotsman you! lol

God's peace will guide our way but we must come to a definite or earnest decision about our freedom

Chuck Mallory said...

Our day is 24 hours long, no matter how rich we are.

That being said... why do I not feel secure when in my case the mortgage is entirely paid and the children have all left with a completed education.

NOTICE: I am not more secure than anyone else, and of course how can anyone be!? when the air is filled with radioactive dust particulates from Japan and Chem Trials filled with cadmium(destroys brain cells).

Can we trust the Governments ?

Government are really preselected Brokers, not much different than the Hudson Bay Company, who all over North America distributed small pox infested blankets too the indigenous natives.

Also, please realize, that you do not elect any one, any time, not as a adult, that only genuinely happened at grade school, when we elected a class president.

This is the agenda kids ... they want you to believe that you have just discovered how corrupt the government is through the new marvelous computer internet, although IBM was manufacturing these for Hitler in 1935.

Yes the government is corrupt and always was.

Except you are being persuaded, (in a ever so cunning way) to give into the "new and improved version" program which is based on this word COMMON and followed by GOOD.

Correct you guessed it !

No more 'OH CANADA' songs and or Nation State flag waving... instead they want you to buy into a one world government.

Will you keep believing this foolishness, that the economy is necessary for your happiness?

I may sound bitter and i am not because the Truth has always set me free.

Link interesting testimony said...

Occupy Wall Street – the story of the Brooklyn Bridge 'police trick and trap demonstrators'


"More than 700 people were arrested in an Occupy Wall Street march across Brooklyn Bridge in New York on Saturday. Here, those who were arrested tell their story
Suddenly, towards the middle of the bridge, a huge number of police appeared behind us with cars and vans. Again, no announcements were made. Apparently the same thing happened on the other side, at the front of the crowd. We were quickly penned in with orange netting on all sides. No one was ever given a chance to turn around or to get out of the situation.

Fact is we where tricked by Police who had directed 700 of the demonstrator group. therefore separated us from the other 3000 who walked or stayed on the walkway accross the bridge."

Shawna mother of four said...

Here is the proof Police tricked that small group of 700 demonstrators at the Brooklyn Street Bridge in New York Wall street march had been directed into a trap by Police as was stated here earlier.


As usual everything happening according to numerology
check out the date guys 10/1/2011

mikel said...

Take NB and fracking as a good example, now Alward has a web site up in order to 'provide information' (the link for 'leases and licenses' crashed my browser though!) They really are in panic mode.

While SOME complain about 'rights', the reality is that people have never had so many rights. Life has never been as egalitarian as it is now here in Canada. You think people were 'free' in Victorian England? Even in ancient Greece where democracy was a western experiment people walked the streets with ink stained whips and 'coloured' those who did not attend political meetings (you paid higher taxes the less you were involved in politics).

It's a sad irony that the 'anti government' rhetoric that we see is REALLY what corporations like to see. A strong corporation WANTS a weak government that is unable to stand up to them.

But again, where are all these protestors and activists come election time. The NDP barely has enough people to campaign, let alone get elected, and the Green Party and People's Alliance have virtually disappeared. In a way its sad that so many protest AGAINST fracking, and AGAINST selling NBPower, yet there are no protests FOR any policies. There are no DEMANDS that every kid know how to read and write by graduation or else the school district and government can be sued. There are no protests even for policies that REALLY protect waterways and airways.

Ending the fed, by the way, has NOTHING to do capitalism/corporatism. Corporations have power simply because they have money and provide jobs. If you think replacing the Federal Reserve Board, or the Bank of Canada will change that, you're pretty naive.

You fight corporatism the same way you fight ANY political elite-with legislation. It is legislation that has made them powerful, in fact it is legislation that lets them exist at all. There is NOTHING stopping the government from at least tying corporate taxes to jobs and wages, rather than revenues. Some may pull out, but those are the ones you are better off without anyway.

Even if freedom of speech protects corporate lobbying, there is NOTHING stopping ALward and co. from setting up video cameras in their offices and linking them to the web and saying "sure, you can talk to us, but all of it will be public".

As for economic collapse, again, thats POLICY that has dictated that virtually ALL of NB pension funds are directed outside the province. That's how little faith they have in the people of the province.

As for Greece, that's more complicated than just economic collapse (NB, of course, would have collapsed LONG ago except that it is propped up by the fed). They made bad policy decisions just like Ireland and the US, which ALLOWED corporate corruption and then bailed them out. To my mind NB shouldn't even be ALLOWED to lower corporate taxes while it gets transfer payments.

So what you do is change your form of government-to democracy.

Oh yeah, as a jab at the right wingers, has anybody noticed in the papers the argument that low taxes will stimulate the economy, yet now that Greece has an economy that is shrinking, the EU and IMF are saying they have to RAISE taxes. Why? To shrink it faster?

Hanz in Germany said...

How do they manufacture our consent?

Here is my contribution folks hope you find these interesting.


9/11 aircraft still flying !


Thank you Charles LeBlanc I love your photography and excellent news sharing Blog site.

The Blue Ape Review said...

Mike you did good until you spoke the Fed and corporatism not having anything to do with each other.

Research it because I am not going to go on a tirade and explain it all here. The private FED controls the money supply in direct violation of the US Consitiution, which says Congress must control the money supply.

The FED is owned by the same financial oligarchs, who through Corporatism, filled their pockets with enormous wealth.

The FED is a private bank that controls the Worlds reserve currency. It is as Federal as Federal Express.

Get a grip man - you have finally lost it.

The Water Pig said...

I know that politicians read this blog so here is a tid bit for you to chew on after one of your taxpayer funded meals.



Oh and anyone who has RRSPs or 401Ks feeds into the infinite growth model. Your greed is humanities undoing. That same money invested in land or real estate would provide protection of wealth from the current and worsening depression.

It doesn't matter now. Humanity has passed the tipping point.

Global depression
Catastrophic wealth loss
World War
Loss of rights and freedoms

DOOM ON for believing what big brother told you. You are getting exactly what you asked for.

Agent Blue said...

Who owns the FED?

Agente Bleu said...

@Shawna mother of four

Actually it just was not the police. It was also members of the protest movement who got their minions to march to Brooklyn...for no apparent reason.

Contrived and preplanned as the cops had oodles of prison buses pre-booked and on the ready.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap NB grocery stores must be running out of tinfoil while Alcan's stock must be soaring right now.

Zook said...

And then the lead-cement head patrol comes out and offers nothing of substance.

It is people like anon 2:04 that allowed Nazis to come to power.

Glad you are anonymous because you are nothing more than a turd in the road with the shit kicked out of it.

Go back to drinking your fluoridated koolaid numbnuts!

mikel said...

Reread it dude, I said ENDING the fed has nothing to do with ending corporatism/capitalism. Everybody knows the FED is a private corporation, but other countries (like Canada) do not have such a structure, yet are still capitalist and often strongly influenced by corporations.

Even if tomorrow the US government said "we're closing the federal reserve and now all financial regulation will be done by a new federal institution" that has nothing to do with ending corporate rule. As you say, its 'owned by the same financial oligarchs'. So thats like thinking if you nationalized Irving's LNG terminal, you are ending Irving's influence. In this case, even if the FED were nationalized, it would be more akin to saying you took over Irvings LNG terminal-and kept giving them the money from it. Because corporate lobbyists would ensure that the policies remain the same.

And as for:

"Yes we can all be above and beyond the law, only if we declare that we are sovereign."

Go ask the Mohawk Nation how well that worked out for them.

Shawna mother of four said...

Agente Bleu said...
@Shawna mother of four
"Actually it just was not the police. It was also members of the protest movement who got their minions to march to Brooklyn...for no apparent reason."

Yah Agente Bleu watch this video and check in on "agents provocateur"
(Police within the crowd and disguised as demonstrators)


The police apparently never fingerprinted hardly anyone.
Everyone arrested were handed of to officers for booking except the officers doing the booking, apparently, where not from NY and their only interest was to line everyone up and take multiple pictures.

Special interest people brought to New York City to take pictures of everyone.

Check this out guys.

Police to Use Modified iPhone for Facial Recognition


Shawna mother of four said...

All Government is crime because part of government is law enforcement and when people get into government,
they realize. that they control the law enforcement,
then this becomes their license to commit any crime they want
- a license to steal
- a license to lead the country into wars
- a license to do anything they want to do, to you.

Thomas Jefferson said: "that to have a successful government we must have a revolution every 25 years".

I don't remember Canada having a revolution except for Louis Riel defense of the Metis which resulted in his being murdered by the government of the day.