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Monday, July 18, 2011

Is Dennis Oland and wife still alive??? What's the latest???

There's some crazy stories going around.

People around the world are focusing in the little Province of New Brunswick!


More stories!!!

My God? If this family was living in the States?

There would be a movie or Television Mini-Series!!



Anonymous said...

But I tot Dennis was Denis????

Isn't dat da french way?

Anonymous said...

I've heard all sorts of rumors . Dick was fooling around with Dennis wife ( second wife ) -- thus he killed him . ,and then himself and his wife , That probably is just a rumor . .

Dennis is still on facebook but he went from over 200 friends to 35 . Thought that was kind of odd ....And his picture is gone .

Having known the Olands all my life , i thought if he did it , it may have something to do with Dick being critical , or a money issue .

Who knows , maybe it wasn't him , and we should give him the benifit of the doubt .They have to rule family out first always . It is an intriging mystery though..

Anonymous said...

Now we getting closer, wives, other wives, wills, changing wills, changing partners, etc!

Anonymous said...

This truley is sad, the only reports on this case since this past Friday are on this gossips blog. The truth will come out soon and it will be a sad day for the Oland family. Hopefully Saint Johns' finest can sovle this case, and soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that someone has so little else to do with there time but create such a blog, you obviously do not know the Oland family at all and have little to no sense of respect for someone's privacy.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I believe since they're public figures?

The public has a right to know what's going on.

The Irving's media are ignoring this issue so other big media outlets are coming to Saint John and cover this sad story.

Stay tuned!!!

P.S. I rejected 10 comments about this issue...


Anonymous said...

And, remember! This family is involved in the greatest criminal outfit ever! The liquor outfit. Read the history, of the start of crime in America!

Anonymous said...

Sex, uh? Are you kidding? I can believe it. I would of done that for sex, at one time. Yes, it does make sense!

Anonymous said...

Hypothetically ..... Even if Dennis did do it , i doubt they will be able to prove it unless he cracks and confesses .

Most crimes are solved within the first 48 hours . The police should have searched his house a right away, if they wanted to exclude family -- instead of waiting a week.

They did not even impound his car which they should have done. A week gives plenty of time to get rid of evidence . I beleive this crime will go unsolved .

Anonymous said...

I drive by Dennis Olands' residence everyday, things seem to be the same as they always have, except now there is a sign marked "Private Property". Previously there was a sign that read "Freinds Welcolme". So one of the previous posters was correct, they will not get their guy, it's too late. He may or may not be guilty. We will never know.

Anonymous said...

The rumors are insulting and ridiculous! There will never be a day I think that Dennis did it. Time to dig a little deeper and widen the focus to other potential suspects. It sounds like Mr. Oland (Sr.) could have easily made some enemies along the way through his lifetime. Time to start looking outside the family and let them grieve and move on!

Anonymous said...

How are they public figures? Neither ran for office. They are private individuals and as yet no one has been charges with a crime. Remember, innocent until provemn guilty. Oy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that the family should be left alone. I don't think that Dennis is guilty. The police don't know who done it, or they should have charged somebody by now. Everything that is being said is just gossip. Well boy's, let's go back to Tim's. I think somebody stole the tip cup again!! Did they solve that crime?