Fredericton Police Chief Leanne Fitch and Deputy Chief Danny Copp are
confronted about Cops lying to the Internet Provider that Blogger was into Child Porn!!!

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Friday, August 01, 2014

Truck on Fire on Queen Street near the Sex Shop in Fredericton!!!

Stay turn for video!!!!!  I was in my pajamas but something told me to get my ass out there!!!!

Stay tuned!!!!

Sex Shop was on fire....:P

Blogger hits 55 years old today. It's time to take a Moment to reflect......

Yes...it is indeed a day to reflect...time is sure flying by and I am not getting any younger...:(

It's been quite a year.  Especially with these seizures and passing out episodes...:(


Two weeks ago today was the biggy!!  I laid down at 6:30pm.

I woke up and noticed blood all over the place. I went upstairs to visit my neighbor and she noticed my eyes were blackened.

I return to my place and wrote on the Blog saying - Bloffer is not well! Going at the hospital!!! Bloffer???

My neighbor came at my door and noticed that I was passed out on my chair. The Firefighters showed up but I was in a combative mood I guess so the ambulance workers took over the situation.

Once at the Hospital, I was surprised to see my family Doctor in the room.

Also a friend showed up after reading the post on the Blog.

My heart beat went as high as 204...I went into a seizure!!! < My 3rd one in hours >

This one was a bad one but it was a good thing that it happened at the Hospital. My Doctor knew exactly what was going on. It lasted close to one hour. I was in and out...It was a battle...:(

The next day I woke up with bruises, two black eyes and a broken nose.

I might add that I was a little confuse. A doctor showed up and he was looking at my heart and another doctor walked in to look at my brain. < neurologist >

I stayed inside the heart unit for 3 days and I might add THAN GOD they had free cable in my room. I had a private room and it was a time to relax.

My Brother called me from Ottawa and he was surprised that I went all through these years without taking my pills

Why am I getting these seizures all of a sudden?

I believe it could be the stressful battle with the members of the Fredericton Police Force.

After I left the hospital, I visited my Doctor and he looked happy because he knew EXACTLY what was my problem!! I was an Epileptic!!

Rule Number one - If I wish to continue fighting against my Body? All I need to do is refuse to take my Medications!!! < 2 100 mg in the morning and 2 at night >

Rule Number Two - Wear a Bicycle Helmet when riding a Bicycle!!! ..:P

Rule Number Three - No driving license for one year...:(

Bottom line is I must learn to calm down. If I continue with my anger issues against the Cops? I will take the BIG ONE and that would be it.

But how can I continue my 55th Birthday without landing in the Hospital???

As someone mentioned to me a few days ago - You're not a good Catholic!!! You should forgive the members of the Fredericton Police Force!!!

There is just something about having Police lying to my Internet Provider that I was into Child Porn that just pisses me off!!

Yes...I did make a public plea to settle this issue but no luck.   It just proves that the system DOES NOT work.

Police Chief Leanne Fitch told me in an exchange that the report came out two years ago < but we only seen these papers a few months ago >

Yes....If I wish to celebrate a few more Bonne Fete? I must learn to calm down and continue to fight for Justice.

Once you start landing in the Hospital with age???? You must take a HUGE step backward and calm down.

It's going to be difficult but I know I can do it...:)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

...and I believe that I had Balls???

Big Boy!!

Shooter Justin Bourque found fit to stand trial in Moncton!!!


John Bosnitch views....


A place is only as "boring" as you allow it to be. If intelligent idealistic people keep their mouths shut about injustice and incompetence, then any place becomes boring as the social interaction that defines human society slowly comes to a halt. However, if we focus on the natural resources and general honesty and openness of the citizens of New Brunswick, it is easy to see that our province has the potential to be one of the happiest, richest and cleanest places to live and raise families in Canada. First we need to rein in the oligarchs (the Irvings), then we need to make the best use of our natural wealth. It is as simple as that.

 John Bosnitch

Looking for a home.....


My name is Baby, I am around 10 years old.  I love to just quietly sit beside anyone and be rubbed, brushed, or just to hear someone talk to me.

I am a little shy and quiet around dogs, and other cats, so if you have other pets just be patient with me as it may take some time before we all get along as great friends.

I have had a hard battle with some weight, but since I have been here at SouthPaw and on a regular diet, I am now starting to get into shape. Now they are letting me wander around the clinic to keep me active!

So if anyone would like to come visit me you will find me running around SouthPaw or janging out in our visiting room where there is a big window, a nice fireplace, and a very comfy couch (I still have a little couch potato left in me!!)

Thank you


Minister of Public Safety Bruce Northrup and Ministers asked about Fredericton Cops lying to the Internet Provider that Blogger was into child porn!!!!

MLA Jake Stewart Southwest Miramichi - Blackville is asked about Fredericton Police lying to the Internet provider that Blogger was into Child Porn!!!

Pam Lynch MLA Fredericton fort Nashawaak - Fredericton is asked about crooked Cops lying to the Internet Provider that Blogger was into Child Porn!!!

Would a Jew protect a Non-Jewish child???