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Once the word trust is broken? Is there any chance to return to the good old days???

Saturday, April 19, 2014


No Justice is Good Justice for the Courts in New Brunswick!!!


On April 8th in Burton, Jenn Wambolt had a motion heard before Justice Judy Clendening, in support of her appeal against the wrongful 2013 conviction and sentence of incarceration, by Julian Dickson, for a breach of probation “without reasonable excuse,” even though she had an excuse of duress. Although the proceedings were filed in Fredericton, they were suddenly, and without explanation, moved to Burton, they even sent 2 extra sheriffs from Fredericton in total 4 were present at the hearing. Perhaps this was to prevent supporters and journalists from attending, or perhaps it was just to add expense and challenge to Jenn, as the “establishment” seems to love to do to her.
The motion was to ask for evidence that was not presented to the trial judge, but should have been, to be taken into account for the appeal, since it would have, should have, made a difference to the decision. A great deal of evidence existed that was not filed by either defence or Crown counsel, which supported that Jenn did not commit any breach “without reasonable excuse.” One of the grounds for her motion was the ineffective representation she received from her Legal Aid Lawyer, LA Henry. 
During the trial, Ms. Henry was granted an adjournment of three months, specifically to obtain a psychiatric report about Jenn’s mental health at the time of an alleged breach of probation. Simple enough, yet she completely failed to do it. Instead, she filed only an 8 line letter that did not deal at all with the time of the actual breach; she failed to comply with a court order. She also refused to file evidence that Jenn provided her, which Justice Dickson himself stated was “missing,” filed a brief full of errors and refused to let Jenn give evidence on her own behalf – all of which was evidence before J. Clendening today, with supporting docs.
The psychiatrist did not write a report because LA Henry failed to formally request an assessment order, under section 672 of the Criminal Code of Canada, and then told Jenn that Legal Aid “didn’t have the money to pay for a report.” That was an interesting comment, considering she could simply have requested the court to pay for the report – the same court that sent Cpl. Francis, the knife-wielding FHS teen, and many others to Restigouche, for very expensive, 30 day psychiatric assessments. How much would that cost? Sheriffs transporting them, around the clock psychiatric and nursing staff, food etc. It makes no sense – until you see the real agenda: Jenn was deemed guilty until proven guilty, and defence counsel are instructed not to make the police and Crown look stupid, negligent and/or corrupt, especially since Justice Dickson fully supported their wrongdoing in the trial.
Defence counsel also failed to introduce any of the evidence that clearly supported there was no intention to commit any offence, and did not bother calling the key police officer to testify. The Crown kept him hidden too, since his report confirmed there was no investigation into the alleged offence at all, and Jenn had “safety issues” that prevented her from entering the probations services building. (NB Judges now seem to be supporting that police don’t have to do any investigating people are charged and prosecuted, which is a Charter violation on multiple levels and leads to a lot of wasting of taxpayers’ money). Ms. Henry also failed to even bother arguing the key aspect of the charge, i.e. the “without reasonable excuse,” which the Crown also ignored during the trial, even though they are obligated to prove all aspects of the charge.
It was clear to observers of the trial that the Crown – with the help of J. Dickson – was pursuing a conviction at all  costs, instead of acting in their actual role as “ministers of justice,” to uphold justice above all else. The errors and omissions during the trial were extensive, which led to a jail sentence for an innocent person, a huge waste of public money and forced Jenn to appeal.
Justice Clendening had all of this evidence in front of her. The Crown counsel, Claude Haché, filed no documents in response to the motion and filed a very pathetic response to the appeal, and broke the Rules of Court by not serving it on Jenn 7 clear days before the hearing. She received it two days late, and only after complaining to the Court administration, who presumably passed the message on to the Crown, who then served it to Jenn almost immediately by… police. Two cop cars turned up at her home shortly after, to deliver the document – no doubt because they knew of her PTSD caused by uniformed persons.
The Crown response to the appeal simply confirmed they agreed with everything they and the judge did and stated the defence counsel’s “strategies” are not to be questioned. So, filing no evidence is a strategy now? 
The only strategy was to protect the Crown and police and cause someone to be convicted without a case.
 Justice Clendening took a recess after argument and rebuttal, allegedly to “deliberate,” and came back with the decision we all expected: motion dismissed, which she had obviously already decided long before she turned up in Burton. She had extensive evidence before her that Jenn did nothing wrong, and that none of the evidence in her favour was filed with the trial court, but that doesn’t matter: the agenda is to fill the courts with poor, ill and underprivileged persons, to keep paying big salaries to the people who run this province – the lawyers – and to not upset the status quo.
Tuesday’s hearing also brought up a serious issue regarding persons with mental disorders who are sucked into the criminal justice system: Justice Clendening clearly stated, on the court record, that the police are not obligated to investigate when a person charged with an offence has mental disorders. That is very interesting, since the charge against Jenn was breach of probation “without reasonable excuse.” The police ARE obligated to present a case to the Crown that proves all aspects of the charge, including that there was no “reasonable excuse.” Mental disorder is a reasonable excuse, which encompasses the classic defence of duress, which was the circumstance in this alleged breach. 
The foolishness of saying that police do not need to properly and fully investigate all aspects of an alleged offence is giving them a license to fill the courts with people who should not, and need not, be there and inviting further, huge waste of public funds and persecution of already vulnerable people.
Our NB judges appear to be selected from the most ruthless lawyers, who seem to have no regard for human life or justice, and appear to take their instructions from counsel in front of them in total disregard of the legitimate cases presented to them by self-represented parties. The message is “get a lawyer,” but then, when you do get a lawyer, they screw you anyway. The public is in a lose-lose situation.
Jeff Wright

Pictures taken EXACTLY on April 19th 2008!! WEEKS BEFORE HUGE 2008 FLOOD!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Pro Choice Rally at the New Brunswick Legislature showed that Religion is dead!!!

The end of the world is near? I never believe that I would see the day that Leaders of a Political Party would support Abortions.

30 years ago this would have been political suicide!!!

Now...going to the Protest for a minute.

There were many youths in that crowd and they demanded changes.

But there's only one problemo? These kids do not or refuse to vote so I guess nothing will change.

Yes....it showed me that Religion is not as strong as it used to be....:(

Once the word trust is broken? Is there any chance to return to the good old days???

Can the new ever be AS GOOD as the Old????

Avoid the Victory Meat Market in Fredericton for the Easter Weekend!!!

I just came from there...Goof Friday at 2:30pm....HUGE line up right till the back of the store....I never seen this before.....I went back home......

Walking around the 2014 flooded area of Fredericton!!!!

Pictures taken EXACTLY on April 18th, 2008 WEEKS BEFORE HUGE FLOOD!!!!

Hey??? We might get those benches in the morning!!!!

Who's John Bosnitch anyway???

Hi Charles LeBlanc,
I am writing to you from my old, old friend Andre Faust’s computer. I am just passing through town and Andre said you might need some kind of help fighting the system. Email me… I am quite good at fighting:

All the best,
John Bosnitch

Going back in time to an Memramcook era over a cup of coffee.....

We wondered if many were still alive?????


NDP Leader Dominic Cardy at Pro Choice Rally at New Brunswick Legislature!!!